Essential tremor, also referred to as familial, idiopathic, or benign tremor, causes uncontrollable shaking that can deeply impact a person’s quality of life. When medications fail to offer relief, surgical intervention may be the next step. Focused ultrasound is a treatment option that provides tremor control without surgical incisions and with minimal complications.1

During the treatment, under MRI guidance, sound waves are precisely focused on the small spot in the brain considered to be responsible for causing tremors. Low energy is first applied, which allows the patient to inform the physician of any sensations they feel or other potential side effects. Then the physician can make individualized adjustments to the target. The energy is gradually increased to create a small therapeutic lesion.

For many patients, the result is immediate improvement of tremor in the treated hand. More than 3,500 patients (and growing everyday) have been treated to date around the world.

1 Pre-Market Approval (PMA) P150038

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Treatment and Benefits

Discover how Focused Ultrasound can improve hand tremor from Essential Tremor safely and effectively – without a scalpel, hospital stay, or lengthy recovery time.

Carol’s Documentary

Carol Klein, a lifelong schoolteacher, came to a point in her life where she decided it was time to take control of her shaking hands. She was not going to let Essential Tremor stop her from enjoying life. View Insightec’s documentary about Carol’s incredible journey.

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How Is Essential Tremor treated?

From general information about Focused Ultrasound to what a typical treatment day looks like, we are here to help guide you on your journey to tremor treatment. Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions from our patient and caregiver community.

  • What is Focused Ultrasound?
  • Am I a Candidate for Focused Ultrasound?
  • Treatment Options for Essential Tremor
  • During and After Treatment
  • Risks and Side Effects
  • Risks and Side Effects

Clinical Study


Insightec sponsored a clinical trial of the Exablate® Neuro platform to evaluate focused ultrasound to treat patients with medication-refractory Essential Tremor.

The 3-year data demonstrates a durable reduction in hand tremor and improvement in quality of life in subjects who received focused ultrasound for medication-refractory essential tremor.

Efficacy results

3 year follow up pivotal study of focused ultrasound for Essential Tremor¹ (See chart)
Percentages represent tremor improvement over baseline.
1 Pre-Market Approval (PMA) P150038

Safety results

Insightec-sponsored clinical studies have shown that the most common adverse events experienced after treatment included: imbalance/gait disturbance (26%), numbness/tingling (33%), and headache/head pain (51%). Most of these events were classified as mild or moderate, and 48% of all adverse events resolved on their own within 30 days.

Adverse events that persisted at 3 years were all mild or moderate and included: numbness/tingling (9%), imbalance (4%), unsteadiness (4%), gait disturbance (2%), and musculoskeletal weakness (2%). Additional infrequent events include dizziness, taste disturbance, slurred speech, fatigue and vomiting.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of active subjects experiencing these adverse events.

For additional safety information, please refer to Pre-Market Approval (PMA) P150038


From working diligently toward medical advances, to providing holistic community support, Advocacy groups like the ones below champion both patients and the healthcare professionals treating them.

  • Focused Ultrasound Foundation (FUSF)

    Focused Ultrasound Foundation. FUSF was created to improve the lives of millions of people with serious medical disorders by accelerating the development and adoption of focused ultrasound.

    Visit Website
  • International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF)

    “Your voice for Essential Tremor”
    The International Essential Tremor Foundation. IETF is a non-profit organization that provides hope to the essential tremor (ET) community worldwide through awareness, education, support, and research.

    Visit Website

    HopeNET is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advocate for, educate, and support those with Essential Tremor.

    Visit Website

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