You Could Change The Future For Our Nation’s Veterans.

Transforming Patient Care

Those who have served in the armed forces of the US have put life and limb on the line to protect our country and the people within it. At Insightec, we believe these heroes deserve the same access to healthcare as anyone else – if not better.

Consider this:

  • About 1/3 of adults have essential tremor, many having debilitating conditions that prevent them from everyday activities like normal eating, drinking, or writing.
  • Medication is the first line of defense. For many who find it doesn’t work or can’t tolerate the side effects, options include deep brain stimulation (which requires drilling into the brain) or the growing popularity of focused ultrasound (which is non-invasive surgery that addresses essential tremor in an hour).
  • 85% of the US News Top 20 Neurosurgery programs offer Focused Ultrasound, but none of the VA’s currently offer this procedure.

Valor is stability not of arms and legs,
but of courage of the soul.

—Michel De Montaigne

The future of Neurosurgery is here.

By harnessing acoustic energy, you can treat essential tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s Disease with the therapeutic power of Exablate Neuro, a focused ultrasound platform that is advancing patient care. Focused ultrasound allows you to perform precision treatment with the click of a mouse.

Transform patient lives with Focused Ultrasound.

Bring a sense of inspiration to your department as you and the clinical team help transform lives. From patient-specific planning to sub-millimeter precision, this incision-free treatment often results in an immediate therapeutic effect with minimal complications.

The treatment is guided in real-time by MRI, providing patient-specific treatment planning, as well as continuous temperature monitoring for safety and efficacy. Parameters can be adjusted to ensure optimal response, and patients typically go home the very same day.1

1 Pre-Market Approval (PMA) P150038

Safety & Risk Information

Overall, Focused Ultrasound is a reasonably safe procedure with minimal risks.1 Patients considering treatment should discuss with a physician all treatment options available and risks involved. For details on the safety results of Insightec-sponsored clinical studies, please click here.

One hour. No surgery.
Depression and essential tremor are commonly linked with veterans. Depression medication actually can make essential tremor symptoms worsen.

Because they’ve earned it.
Our nation’s veterans put their life on the line. They deserve access to healthcare that can help them age comfortably and with dignity. Focused ultrasound is a way to avoid embarrassing tremors and maintain independence at the level they deserve. Let us help you bring focused ultrasound to your facility.