JOB TITLE: Software Architect


Software Architect of a soft real-time software in a complex multidisciplinary system that combines software, electronics, hardware, cooling and robotics sub-systems.

What you will be doing:

  • Gain deep understanding of a legacy software architecture
  • Prepare visual model of a legacy software architecture using software modeling and design tool
  • Work with software developers, Chief Technologist, Product Managers, Project Managers and System Engineers to realize future needs and limitations of existing software architecture
  • Coordinate software architecture with entire system architecture
  • Present trade-offs between different design approaches with special emphasize on soft real-time performance aspects
  • Plan , lead and monitor software design evolution considering products timeline and future changes in requirements
  • Play a major role in software requirements definitions
  • Plan, Lead and monitor software development team in adaptation or redesign of a legacy software architecture for next generation products
  • Lead a kick-off and tutorials of software modeling and design tools for software developers
  • Continuously monitor and update software architecture models to synchronize with updated requirements and actual source code
  • Play significant role in software development (Hands-On)

What you have:

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science / Software Engineering
  • At least 10 years of C/C++ programming experience on MS Windows, Linux and embedded platforms
  • Deep understanding of multi-threading, multi-processing and synchronization mechanisms
  • Proven experience in Microsoft D/COM framework
  • Proven experience in modern C++
  • Proven experience in scripting languages (python and more)
  • Proven experience in developing soft real-time SW for controlling and monitoring hardware systems such as medical devices or robotics systems
  • Proven experience in software modeling and design tools such as Enterprise Architect or Visual Paradigm or similar
  • Ability and willingness to deliver tutorials
  • English at a very good level (reading and writing)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills


  • Being introduced by an Insightec employee

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