The Exablate Prostate Focused Ultrasound treatment is designed to maximize precision and optimize control for the treatment of locally confined prostate cancer. The minimally invasive procedure expands the treatment options you can provide for patients with low or intermediate risk disease.

During treatment, focused ultrasound waves target and ablate the identified cancerous tissue. MRI provides real-time imaging to precisely target the treatment area — enabling patient-specific planning.  Thermal feedback allows continuous monitoring and control to help minimize the potential impact to functional structures that could affect quality of life.

This product or application may not be available in all geographies. For specific indications for use in your country, please see Regulatory Approvals or contact your local representative.

Important Safety Information

Potential risks associated with Exablate Prostate

include pain or discomfort in the treatment areas, urinary obstructive symptoms, urinary retention/obstruction that may require intervention, permanent urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, dry ejaculation, epididymitis and epididymo-orchytis, hematuria, urethral sloughing, hematospermia and prostatitis. Other risks include unintended ablation of vulnerable structures outside the planned treatment volume in event of improper targeting of the focal point, damage to anal sphincter from the rectal probe, and damage to rectal wall by sonication or the transducer.


Potential risks related to the procedure

include pain, bruising, or infection in the area of the IV catheter; soreness/discomfort, blood clot, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism due to lying stationary during the procedure; and risks arising from anesthesia, MRI contrast agent, and urinary catheter used during the procedure.

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