From Crisis Comes Innovation: Providers and MedTech Collaborating to Build Healthcare’s Future

The year is 1999.The management team is sitting in a room together discussing the new company they are building. The name of the company at the time was TxSonics. However, as Kobi Vortman tells it, they wanted a company name that would take them forward and represent the amazing technology they were developing today as well as tomorrow. Many companies spend millions of dollars developing names for new products or rebranding.

A name can make or break a product. There are names, Apple and Tesla come to mind, that automatically make you feel a certain way. Of course, there are others that don’t work possibly because of the way they sound or a negative connotation is associated with it.

Then there are company names that have a story to tell. Insightec. Insight is a play on words. On one hand it is what one can see. It is in sight.

One of the key differentiators of Focused Ultrasound technology is that it is guided by MRI so that the physician can see and treat. In sight is also ‘in your sights’. This is how you identify and zero in on a target. A sight is where a horizontal and vertical line meet in order to focus on a target. That target can be a physical target or an objective, or both.

Our technology precisely targets an area for treatment and our company has goals and objectives that it is razor focused on achieving. Tec is for Technology. This was an active decision to keep a part of the company origins in the name. The new company began as a subsidiary of Elscint, an Israel technology company in the medical imaging field.

A brand is so much more than a logo, colors and fonts. Our brand is our heritage as well as the challenges and triumphs waiting for us on the horizon. Our brand is where we came from and where we are going. Maybe you’ve read the book, Start With Why. Simon Sinek presents how starting with why enabled well-known leaders to inspire those around them and to achieve remarkable things.

Insightec and its employees know our why. Our company’s why is the impact we are making on the lives of people around the world every single day. Insightec. Transforming tomorrows…today.


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