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Essential tremor (ET) is a condition that causes uncontrollable shaking in the hands, head and/or voice. ET often begins mildly and progresses over time, and can interfere with daily activities, such as personal care, eating or getting dressed. ET is one of the most common movement disorders in the world.
  • 10 Million

    Americans live with Essential Tremor (ET)

  • Millions 

    Impacted worldwide

  • ET is


    more common than Parkinson’s Disease

  • Each child of a parent with ET has a

    50% chance

    of inheriting a gene for ET

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Treatments are available.

If you feel you or a loved one may have ET, it is important to receive an official diagnosis from a doctor to begin exploring treatment options. A movement disorder neurologist can evaluate the possible sources of your tremor and provide a definitive diagnosis.

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ET Symptom Checker

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ET Symptom Diary

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Use these example questions and language to start a conversation with your doctor about ET.

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Help your patients understand the symptoms and impacts of ET, as well as the importance of seeking an accurate diagnosis and the treatment options available today.

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